KREILING corporate philosophy means to harm the environment as little as possible through production and deployment of our products. Furthermore it's of particular importance for us to create and develop our social environment positively.



76% of our products are produced in Germany and more than 90% in Europe. This happens by the conviction that Germanys production takes place under the most stringent requirements worldwide. Furthermore it's our intention to protect an maintain jobs in Germany.  In our opinion this is the only way to keep economic power in Germany and raise investments for research and education to produce technologically, economically and therby ecologically.



Right from the start we attach importance to resource-efficient production. If possible, KREILING uses metal housings wich prevent a leakage of electromagnetic radiation and are fully recyclable. Plastic components are used as sparingly as possible , are marked and 100% recyclable. An efficient use of material and a minimized reject rate is possible by intelligent construction and production of tools. KREILING products are optimized relating ro low energy consumption and a long service life. Most of our products are repairable and in normal case support and spare parts are available up to 10 years. 


Energy consumption:

Apowersave circuit and energy saving power supply is prescribed for satellite receivers by now but not yet in other sectors. Nevertheless all KREILING distribution technology products (multiswitches and amplifiers) do have very efficient digital switching power supplies. That means, app. 70% lower consumption than competitor products. Furthermore our multiswitches are equipped with an automatic usage-based economy circuit. This saves energy because multiswitches are not used permanently. If no subscriber is active the consumption does not exceed 1 watt, depending on the model. This also applies to bigger cascadable installations.


Power supply:

KREILING obtains energy from Greenpeace Energy, i.e. from 100% clean power plants. At the moment we are not in the position to renounce electricity but we can opt for "clean" green electricity and use it as efficient as possible.



Our product packaging consists of environment-friendly cardboard packaging without harmful photo coating. Complaints are mostly send back in sent-in packaging to avoid further waste. Additional upholstery material, such as packaging chips consists of environment-friendly material, e.g. maize.


Realization of profits:

Companies which want to ensure long-term survival on the market have to make profit. This is mandatory to develop reserves for poor market situations and in order to make additional investments. But making profit has to be moderately. This applies not only for us but also for our customers, the wholesale trade and craft. They use our products and assume responsibility and liability. Therfore we adhere to our price level. Artificially inflated prices and following disount battles don't belong to KREILING philosophy.



Our employees receive livable wages which will not cause age-related poverty. The use of contract workers does not exceed 1% with regard to the total work performance. However, this is not enough because satisfied employees are the most important resources of the company. It includes also ergonomically aligned office equipment, continuing training and responsible tasks.





If you got questions or would like to contact us:


Frank Kreiling; E-Mail kreiling@kreiling-technologien.de 






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