Distribution technology for the future

Status  01.04.2012

Based on the classic PROFI-LINE concept - to offer highest quality for the installing craft in conjunction with an attractive price-performance ratio - the KREILING multiswitch line was developed.

The following premises receive attention:

  • A strict product range which can meet all requirements with a few types - from attractive compact switches to demanding cascades.
  • A modern design with efficent heat dissipation and solid wall mounting.
  • The consideration of ecological aspects like operation power consumption, stand-by power safe function, least stand-by consumption and completely recycable raw materials as well as modern german manufacturing in consideration of all environmental protection measures.
  • The use of extremely modern technology such as 100% integrated circuits and digital switch-mode power supplies.
  • Technical requirements such as extremely low heat generation, high output levels, high decoupling values and basic amplification of all components in consideration of sloping position.
  • All design-, development- and production processes take place in Germany. Even the tools for the network covers are manufactured in Germany to ensure highest quality at all levels. This enables short development cycles and flexibility towards changes in the market.

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