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Where do customers and consumers receive our products?

The distribution of our products exclusively take place by electronic retailers or electrical handicraft companies.
Please contact  your electronic retailer or electrical handicraft company.

Where does the specialized trade receives our products?

Electronic retailers or electrical handicraft companies please contact your electronic wholesaler.

The marketing philosophy of KREILING products

  • Merchandising exclusively by specialized trade
  • Purchase exclusively by electrical wholesaling
  • Target group  „installing handicraft“
  • Premium quality-standard
  • Excellent service
  • First class price-performance ratio

Sales partner for wholesaling and cooperations


KREILING Industrievertretungen GmbH
Westring 31
33818 Leopoldshöhe
Telefon (05202) 9878-0
Fax (05202) 9878-60

Website Industrievertretung

We would pleased to provide information about wolesalers and specialized traders who offer our products.

Kreiling Technologien GmbH • Westring 31 • 33818 Leopoldshöhe • fon: 05202 / 98 78 0 • fax: 05202 / 98 78 60 • e-mail: